Aramis Grata

Who am I?

I’m an 18-year-old Swiss with a passion for motorsport, particularly karting. When I’m not going around in one of the many beautiful Swiss cities, you can find me capturing stunning aerial photos with my drone. I’m also an enthusiastic programmer, and I enjoy playing the bass. In addition to my hobbies, I’m an avid unihockey player. I work as an IT professional at Suntis SA in Ticino, Switzerland. Recently, I launched my own small web design business called Swiss Metis. On top of all this, my favorite band is MUSE, and their music inspires me in many ways.

29 November 2005
I was born
June 2016
Graduated from elementary school
June 2020
Graduated from middle school
September 2020
Started apprenticeship

Started an apprenticeship at Suntis SA, as well as going to school in CPT Locarno

June 2023
Founded Swiss Metis
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