Drone photographer

My equipment is:

  • Mavic 2 pro + fly more combo

The landscapes I prefer to take my photos of are mountains and the countryside.

I take photos out of passion and I really enjoy it, I have been doing it since I was 13 years old


I am an IT trainee, working at Suntis Sa. I have 2 years of experience in programming. The languages I know how to “program” with are:

I also know how to use:

Bass Player

I have been playing bass guitar since I was 12 years old. I started playing it in a music school and am still finishing my learning journey. I have a small band and our favorite genres are:

  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Hard-Rock
  • Blues


I don’t have very much to say.

Driving, finding the limit, excitement, pure concentration and respect.

It’s just something i really really like to do.

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